Vintage / Classic 80's G1 My Little Pony collectibles

for sale in the Erie, PA area.

I've taken the site down because I have no way of advertising locally and it's just been sitting here collecting dust - even if you pay for an ad, the newspapers won't let you advertise a website. 9_9   Some stuff will get donated, some just tossed. And FYI, I do not donate MIP collectibles for lurkers to profit from my misfortune. I have, years ago, donated quite a few MIP 90s MLP to a Christmas toy drive, but the few MIP items I have left will be opened and played with and split up.

I don't know where the 2,000 plus visitors are from or how they found the site, but no one's expressed any interest in buying - probably just nabbing MLP images/info for their own sites. *shrug*

If you live in the Erie, PA area and are interested in 80s MLP,
please contact me at to see what I still have.

This message posted 2021Oct22