G2 MIB My Little Pony playsets and ponies lot - $100

please contact me at phmb6n30@gmail.com

Vintage 90s rare MLPs from the second generation mint in box / mint on card. Price is for all 5 items, save $25 that way. Will sell separately and discount a bit when buying more than one item. Photos are below.

Clever Clover $10 - a male pony - mint and in package but opened just to cut out the horseshoe point to order Seabreeze - not played with.

Petal Blossom $15 - unopened

Seabreeze $20 - MIP and the ONLY 90s mail-order pony - she has two combs with her, probably accidentally got an extra one during packaging at the factory

Pretty Parlor with Pony Ivy $40 - Apparently the box was opened at some point, but the Inside Is Still Factory-Sealed. Comes with the 90s Pony Ivy and many accessories.

Garden Playcase $40 - The box is a bit bent in places, and it came with two curved scratches on one side, like a stockperson caught it with a boxcutter when undoing a pallet shipment of them. It comes with a magic picnic basket, an apple, butterfly and hanging accessories. ...Doesn't sound very impressive... ^,^ So, I included an image of photos of used ones I saw online to give you an idea of what it looks like out of the box, colors may vary.