Binder with Fan Club Pack, 80s Ads,

Coloring Book & more - $30

This binder has original Fan Club items, 10 original ad inserts, a like new 80s coloring book, Lite Brite pages, and an 80s Hello Kitty sticker / coloring book. Oh! Added a Dream Castle scene poster I forgot I had, the instruction sheet and box picture. Will sell items separately, but that costs a lot more. I'd rather not break up the binder of these great collectibles!

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Very Rare 80s Fan Club pack! $25

Includes the original envelope it was mailed in from Hasbro (dirty spots and worn spots), full color Hoofbeats "magazine" (stain on a corner - it folds out to 3 pages each side with different activities), iron-on patch mint condition, Pony necklace (excellent), Bow Tie paper doll (colored, and the bow tie-shaped card you put your name on is gone), Thank You note from Blossom, ad for the Stable, an order form, and the little pink duffle bag with MLP logo on it (light pen mark on bottom and a seam was resewn, otherwise great! I think it's about 8" long and has a shoulder strap, like a purse.).

There are cut-out paper clothes in the magazine to put on the Bow Tie paper doll. I would recommend making color copies to cut out, instead of cutting up the magazine. - if you plan to play with it. ^_~

Ad booklets are $5 each, or 1 of each (8 total) for $20

Ads / brochures depicting many of the original Ponies and accessories are a great way to help identify ones you have or find - and some have mini posters on one side. They are full color and glossy unless otherwise noted. I'll list them as they are in the binder, so you can go photo to photo - each has it's own sleeve, so you see front and back of that (They fold, and larger ones are not completely visible.): Ponyland Parade with mini poster on back, one of the very first ad brochures with long mini poster on the back, 2 different Baby Pony / Ember order forms blue & black ink on white paper, Birthflower Pony ads on pink and white paper (1 reg, 2 smaller), Molly & Baby Sundance on cover and Megan & Sundance inside, and a rare Adventure Cruise ad (has some pen marks on it from a previous owner - Since it's glossy, I was able to get most of it off gently with alchohol, but I didn't want to ruin the paper trying to completely get it off or from in the crease.).

"Follow The Rainbow" coloring book $10

This fun book is from 1989 and features the Princess Ponies, Big Brother Ponies, Twice-As-Fancy Ponies, and many others as they enjoy the Ponyland County Fair. There are 32 pages and it's like new - has not been colored in.

My Little Pony Lite-Brite pages set $5

These rare My Little Pony collectibles are good condition, though old and getting fragile. The blank spaces at the tops were trimmed a little so they'd fit in the binder sleeves. There are 6 in all: Applejack Grazes, Moondancer & Sunbeam, Majesty & Dream Castle, By The Wishing Well, Lemon Drop Jumps, and Peachy & Pretty Parlor.

1982 Hello Kitty Stamp Fun $5

Just throwing in this 80s collectible Hello Kitty coloring and sticker-stamp book if buyer of the binder is interested. Some of it has been colored or stickers put on the pages, and there's other 80s stickers that had been added inside the covers. Also, stuck inside is a sheet of new Hello Kitty stickers (from 2013) and some 80s Moondreamers sticker/stamps. (I think that's what that series was called. ^.^)

$5 by itself - I also added in a Charmkins ad insert that had come with a MLP item. Charmkins were often advertised with My Little Pony, and their ponies looked like My Little Ponies. In fact, the pony necklace that came with the Fan Club Pack looks like the Charmkins style.

$5 - I added in some Dream Castle things I forgot I had. The poster is a scene at Dream Castle and has tape residue on the back from having been put up on a wall, and it's old and getting delicate but pretty decent shape.

The rest is the Dream Castle instruction sheet and pictures from the original Dream Castle box carefully peeled off. The box was pretty worn and the person who bought the Castle wasn't interested in the box, so I broke it down and preserved the pictures from it. It has the original price stickers on it and show everything that came with the Castle. ~ There are other pictures from the box which I put in the Stories binder, because they had story-like tidbits on them.

If interested in other collectibles, see the bottom of the homepage for photo of a stray Flutter Pony wing, which can be included for free with other purchases, or $5 by itself. Also, you can usually mix and match from groupings on other pages.