80s My Little Pony Adventure Sticker Books

~ $25 each or $40 for both ~

I have 2, plus a MIP sticker set and a few loose stickers.

please contact me at phmb6n30@gmail.com

$25 - book 1 - Has the personal information inside the cover scribbled out. Same page is Loaded with Rare personalized stickers that came with Ponies in their packages! 15 in all, 13 Ponies and 2 outfits. These are hard to find, and I've seen them go for $5-$10 separately. It has a lot of the original adventure stickers decorating its pages. ~ If you want to buy this book with the MIP stickers from the other sticker book lot, it will be $30 - only $40 for both books. ~ I do not recommend trying to peel any stickers off: It would rip the pages and, as the stickers are puffy, possibly ruin the stickers by making the layers separate.

$25 - book 2 - Has a clean inside cover and a few of the personalized stickers that came with Ponies. It also has many of the orginal adventure stickers for the books. There are some spots where part of the page came off when stickers were removed. It's not as nice condition, but includes a sheet of MIP adventure stickers Parade theme and a baggie of loose vintage MLP stickers with 4 mint condition personalized Pony stickers. ~ The spines look like you might be able to transfer this one's cover to the other, if you want to keep the personalized stickers separate and have a clean inside cover on that book.