other miscelaneous items

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Vintage collectible fantasy art dragon / pegasus puzzles. $10 together.

If you buy the Dragonriders series lot, you can have this with it, too, at no extra charge.

NO missing pieces and both sets are in great condition. Will sell separately.

$5 - "Dragon Attack" is 550 pieces and 15.5" x 18" when finished.
To save space, I had cut the cover off the box and put its pieces in with the other. Its pieces are in their own bag.

$10 - "The Sentry" is 529 pieces and 15" x 21.75" when finished. This one has its excellent condition box and is a two-sided puzzle from the "Mystic Series". You can work either side of the pieces, and it's not hard to tell which is which.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy collectibles $15

Some rare vintage items for HHGTTG enthusiasts to collect, will sell separately:

$10 HHGTTG game floppy disk looks to be in great condition but I can't test to see if it still works, so this is selling purely as a collectible. ~ There are also a couple other floppy disks with a copy of it on it as well as a couple other vintage games. Again, I can't test if they work. You can have them with this one.

$10 original 80's Collector's Edition 2 VHS & 1st book box set of the original movie and paperback Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - haven't watched the vhs in years, but don't recall any problems with the tapes (no longer have a vcr, so can't doublecheck them). Book has not been used, spine is new and edges of pages are crisp and clean. (I also kept a couple bay leaves in it.) ~ There is some original plastic around the box: I often cut out the bottoms of the plastic on my vhs to let the tapes out and leave the rest of the plastic on to help protect cases.