vintage Sailormoon collectibles lot for $75

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LOTS of great 90s Sailormoon Anime and Manga collectibles! 6 MIB 6" dolls with brushable hair (Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury and a slightly different Sailor Mercury which was opened because I was going to customize her, but ended up not doing it and she is still mint) ; 3 keychains like new (Sailormars, Super Sailormoon, Luna) ; desktop container ; magnet ; RARE nesting dolls from over seas! ; card game from Canada (used, was missing instructions but were found online, wrote down and put in box for you ^_^) ; TWO rare CDs of great music from the series, with some original Japanese songs included ; TWO cassette tapes (one with songs and lyrics, one with an audio episode) ; 4 collectible pen cases and their original packaging (dry, you can insert new ink tubes if you want to use them) ; large anime / manga calendar with great quality heavyweight pages you can use as posters (features various anime) ; 2 packs of trading card stickers (opened but mint) ; 3 MIP sets of stickers ; a vhs box set of The Doom Trees Series (one owner, light use) ; and 3 sets of patterns to make your very own Sailor Soldier fuku outfit for Cosplay or other costume events - or just for fun! ^_~ (sizes med, lg and xlg). ["fuku" is foo-koo, Japanese term for the outfits]

Will sell items separately, just let me know which items you're interested in and make a reasonable offer.

The vintage MIB / mint in box dolls are worth over $75 by themselves.

The other items are pretty much all excellent to like new or mint, too, and all from a smoke-free home.

Have everything in this great collection for just what you'd pay for the MIB dolls. ~ $75 is for the set of dolls with whatever of the other Sailormoon items you'd like to add: Wanting the dolls but not some of the other items will not lower price. ~ Price only lowers if not buying the MIB dolls. If you don't want the whole lot, make reasonable offer on items you're interested in. ~