vintage Heralds of Valdemar collectibles - $150 for lot

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$150 is for the ultra rare bookcover art prints of the Last Herald Mage triology but can include the collection of science fiction fantasy, sword & sorceress vintage hardcover books from the Velgarth / Heralds of Valdemar series by Mercedes Lackey with art by Larry Dixon, along with other vintage collectibles.

very Limited print coverart from Mercedes Lackey's Last Herald Mage triology - 11"x14" MINT in original protective sleeves. The set cost $100 new back in the 90s and is extremely rare. Only 350 of each were made, each signed and numbered by the artist Jody A. Lee. I've never been able to find another set for sale. I don't do auctions or shipping and want these to find a good home, so am only asking $150 and can include my collection of hardcover books and collectibles to go with them at no additional charge.

Will sell separately, make reasonable offer on books you're interested in. $50 for box of 18 books, 5 cassette tapes, rare Last Herald Mage Concordance, ultra rare official map and other collectibles. ~ All books are one owner and just read a couple of times - a few not even read, because I had read the paperbacks and just collected the hardcover version. A few are omnibus (two or three novels in one). They cover from the beginning until the Owl Knight triology and include the Tarma and Kethry adventures. There is one paperback, Swords of Ice, an anthology of guest-written short stories set in the Velgarth universe.

Many of the hardcovers have numerous inner illustrations, art by Larry Dixon. Many of her books have maps, lots of great poems/songs in the back, a Shin'a'in dictionary or other references.

Last Herald Mage Concordance is like new. Official Map is a little over 11"x14" - one end was creased about 1/4" to fit in an 11/14 frame, otherwise excellent condition.

Cassette tapes are excellent - I had known I would listen to them a lot, so had made copies that got all the wear instead. ^_^ ~ One is by Mercedes Lackey and David Arkenstone (with their signatures) and not from the book series: really rare "Quest of the Dream Warrior" - with also rare collectible postcard with full color map illustration that goes with it. ~ "Magic Moondust & Melancholy" also contains songs written by M.Lackey but not specific to the Velgarth series. ~ "Lovers Lore & Loss" is full of songs from the Queen's Own triology. ~ "Shadowstalker" is songs from the Last Herald Mage triology. ~ "By the Sword" is songs from the book of that name.

There are also two Firebird Arts & Music 2002 catalogs that display all the great merchandise that was available to go along with the series for collectors and rpg, and other works by the author and artists.