80s Collector Pony lot - $75

please contact me at phmb6n30@gmail.com

$75 for 15 Ponies (13 adults + 2 babies) and lots of rare extras. Would be over $100 separately. With the lot discount, it's all those great collectibles and about $3 per pony (even the rare ones). ~ If you just want the Ponies and not the extras (stories, ads, letter, stickers), I'll take $50. [ Also, the stories, ads and letter are in the binder of story cards, so if you buy the binder, the price for these Ponies would also be $50 - $100 total for binder and this Pony lot. ]

If you buy the Castle, you can include 10-14 of these (depending which ones) with that instead of the Sparkle Ponies.

If bought separately: 5 of the original Ponies, Seashell and Bubbles are $5 each ; Butterscotch is so excellent $10 by herself ; story cards are $5 each ; each baby's things are $5 each baby with Baby by herself $5 each, so $10 per Baby set ($15 with story) ; $1 each special Collector Pony ad ; $15 rare letter set from Hasbro about them ; $10 for store-bought Cotton Candy ($15 with story) ; $15 Bow Tie set ; $15 Applejack set... with a big discount if you buy the lot.

I don't want to be selling one Pony at a time, so prices are higher for individuals. If you buy items from other pages with any of these, I'll discount, too. You don't need to buy the whole set of these particular ones for a discount. Feel free to mix and match. ^_~

Will take $40 for just original 6 Collector Ponies with 2 babies and their accessories. 6 original mail-order Collector Ponies (all with original ribbons!) : Cotton Candy, Blossom (she and her baby have minor discoloration / dulling of their plastic), Butterscotch (excellent!), Blue Belle, Minty, Snuzzle (tiny spot on forehead).

Baby Cotton Candy has her original ribbon, bear brush, bottle, and necklace, Baby Blossom has her baby necklace (her ribbon is not original MLP). I also have the babies' backcards with their story for $5 more each. ~ You can also include these 8 plus a few others from this page with the Castle, instead of the 3 rare Sparkle Ponies listed with it.

There are also 5 rare Collector Pony color inserts with a story paragraph that tells something about each of their personalities (they are all the same), and a VERY Rare letter from Hasbro about the Collector Ponies. That includes the colorful envelope the letter came in along with color ads for Lucky the Stallion and the Show Stable - $15. (see photo at top of page - inserts on bottom left, letter items on bottom right)

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the extras, like ads, stories, letters etc. are also listed with other lots, so may sell before these lots do. I'll try to update the lists, if that happens.

Include with other purchases, or buy separately at $5 each - Seashell and Bubbles were the ONLY 2 sitting Ponies AND also the ONLY 2 with blazes. Seashell (previous owner seems to have slightly trimmed her tail) has her sticker (missing puffy back), and Bubbles (tail hair is finer than mane and tail comes out, so is likely not her original - she was also second-hand) can come with an ad with mini poster on one side. (their ribbons are replicas) The lighting on some photos makes them look washed out or faded - they're not. Their coloring is good.

$10 - Rare store-bought Cotton Candy - Her spots are a little different, and she's darker than the original mail-order Cotton Candy. $15 with her story card.

$30 - Cotton Candy Collector's Set - If you would like the set of the original mailorder Cotton Candy, rare store-bought Cotton Candy, and Baby Cotton Candy with the baby accessories, the story cards for Cotton Candy & Baby CC, as well as the story insert for the mailorder CC, you can have it all for $30 - or just the three Ponies and baby accessories for $20 (no stories).

$15 - Bow Tie set with two versions: curly-haired release and original style (which is second-hand and has small odd indentions on edge of 3 feet), her excellent condition sticker, and an ad for her and other original Ponies that helps identify ones in your collection. The pink lacey hair accessory is not original to her. ~ Price is for the curly Bow Tie, sticker and ad. The fair condition original style Bow Tie is included free with purchase for those that want the set (you can see from the photos that she looks darker in different lighting). Excellent condition curly-haired Bow Tie by herself (no sticker or ad) is $10. ~ Buy both Bow Tie set and Applejack set for $25.

$15 - Applejack set with two versions (original and curly-haired releases) - both are excellent condition and have their original ribbons. Will sell separately at $10 each. I also have her story card for $5 more.

Applejack and Bow Tie were the only original Ponies with freckles on their cheeks.