Custom Painted My Little Pony Dream Castle Playset $75

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This custom-painted Dream Castle comes with 3 ultra rare Sparkle Ponies - 2 adults, 1 baby - an ad booklet featuring them, some original accessories, some custom accessories, and a Baby Sparkle Pony puzzle (no pieces missing), along with other extras. ~ You can include different Ponies instead of the Sparkle Ponies - for instance, 10-14 of the Collector Ponies depending which ones. ~ Castle by itself $50.

This vintage MLP Dream Castle was originally pink and blue. I had painted it black and gray with the idea of having a Haunted castle, but then gave it some glittery accessories to go with the Sparkle Ponies and love them together. Some are original MLP items and some are custom additions.

No broken parts on this castle. It has some of the Dream Castle accessories: mirror, table, throne with pink liner, 2 golden horseshoes, 3 flags (some stickers came off and were colored with permanent marker to match), basket and pulley, and one of the hoops (crescent-shaped as part had broke off, but makes it match the theme ^_^). Other accessories are MLP (3 slippers/shoes, Pony Royal outfit's cape), and non-MLP ("crystal" ladders, Barbie sparkly golden cape, glittery red shawl, handmade crocheted Christmas cape, orange blanket, floral blanket, gold circular "trunk" for their shoes and capes, fancy clip earrings used as hairclips, some ribbons...).

The Ponies in the castle photos are very rare Sparkle Pony Twinkler (purple adult), Napper (yellow adult) and Baby North Star. All are in excellent condition. They have sparkly tinsel in their hair and sparkly glitter in their semi-transparent bodies. (Napper does not have lines across her symbol - that is strands of her tinsel strayed over in the photo.) There is an 80s booklet ad of mailorder ponies that includes an original ad for the Sparkle Ponies. "Put a sparkle in your eye!"

The ultra rare Sparkle Ponies by themselves are $20 each or $50 for all 3. Sparkle Pony puzzle goes with the Baby Sparkle Pony, if you buy her separately. The puzzle's box has a little wear and a poked hole in the bottom, but the pieces are great and all there. Original booklet advertising them can go with the set or with one of the adults. (Booklet has some metallic ink splotch in it from a previous owner.)

The other vintage puzzle features pegasus Sprinkles and other 80s Ponies. Its box, also, is a bit worn but good and all the pieces are there and in great condition. Also a collectible cassette tape with 3 adventure stories on it in excellent condition.

Have a generic Pony and Princess set that was made after Hasbro sold the original MLP molds. They were made from a MLP mold but are not actual MLPs. There were a few different versions with the pony being all one color with a symbol of three red hearts, different colored ponies but all with hearts symbol - this is the yellow one. Could be included if you'd like a little princess and extra pony for the castle, or would just like to collect her. The set is MIP/MOC. ($10 by itself.)

All are clean and from a smoke-free home. There are some of the original stickers in a baggie: I felt it looked better without them, but you can glue them on if you like. (Just be positive you want to, because pulling them back off might ruin the paint.)