Miscelaneous Items Mostly from the 80s

~ SheRa ~ Zummi Gummi ~ Environmental Care Bears ~ Fantasy Filly playset MIB ~

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SheRa mini comics and Fashion booklet $5

The "Fantastic Fashions" booklet is 10 pages with an order form on the back. The comics are 14 pages long and full of all the SheRa characters. One is falling apart in the middle, but the pages are still great. Two have a part of a corner missing. I'm only asking $5 for the lot. If they were mint, they'd cost more.

Zummi Gummi Bear $15

80's collectible Fisher Price and Walt Disney plush stuffed animal standard 13" Gummi Bear rare Zummi Gummi in excellent condition. I noticed a slight discoloration on the back of his hat (a faded? spot on the brim, not sure what from, it wouldn't wash out), but otherwise, he is almost like new! ~ Very hard to find him without broken or yellowed glasses. ~ Tag is also in rare like new condition, very crisp and clear.

Environmental CareBears $150

This is a set of 5 out of the only 7 made: Tenderheart Bear, Share Bear, Love-A-Lot Bear, Friend Bear, and Cheer Bear. All are mint condition and in their original boxes, though one of the boxes got a little crushed. Two of the bears were released from their package (the tie around the neck cut) and are tied back in with ribbon, and Cheer Bear is missing her little booklet. ~ I really want to sell them as a set, so if you just want one or two, they're $50 each.

90s Fantasy Filly & Carriage playset MIB $75

I also have an extremely rare mint in box Fantasy Filly & Carriage playset with unicorn Kristel. Highly collectible, this was the ONLY playset from the 90s Fantasy Fillies line from Empire - makers of the high quality Champion horse models (they even sold the same carriage model for those ^_^). I have never seen another mint in box one out there - just used ones and pieces.

Fantasy Fillies were discontinued in the late 90s, no more made, and unicorn Kristel and her carriage was the only Fantasy Filly playset ever made. Being factory-sealed mint condition and with her excellent condition box, she's worth a lot more, but I'd like to get her into a good home, as I live in small apartments now and don't have space.

The tape at the ends has gotten brittle with age and broke at one end and almost at the other end, too. Box itself has minor wear. Below is also a close up of part of the box to give you an idea of size. It's a good size, but not Barbie doll size. ~ And, since the tape was broken, I pulled out the inside to show you it is Still Factory-Sealed inside.