$300 for all 11 Twice As Fancy Ponies

please contact me at phmb6n30@gmail.com

Basically $50 per baby TAF - $300 for the complete set of 6 babies with 5 of their Moms and 2 story cards thrown in as bonus. Prefer to keep them together, but if they don't sell as a set, I'll sell them separately at $50 per baby, or Mom and baby sets at $55. The moms are bonus, so leaving any out of the complete set won't affect price.

Very Rare TAF babies with their matching moms - except one. Now, the babies were opened when first bought in the 80s for photos of them to be taken, and they were returned to their packages - not played with. They are Mint, and they are in their packages with their original, unused ribbons. They didn't come with anything else. Price reflects that they were opened.

$55 - Dancing Butterflies - Mom has a greenish discoloration in the plastic of a front leg, and baby came with a tiny dot on the same front leg. Mom has her original curls. For $60 I also have her rare backcard with her story.

$55 - Up Up & Away - Mom has three marks on her head (on ear, and smaller lighter ones by eye).
For $60, her rare backcard with her story can be included.

$55 - Love Medley - Mom's previous owner trimmed off her forelock, otherwise great condition.

$55 - Milky Way - Mom is in great condition.

$55 - Sweet Berry - Mom has slight roughness around her feet. (she was second-hand, so I don't know what from)

$50 - Baby Sweet Tooth is all by her lonesome.